9 Items You Need to Build Your First Home Bar

There has never been a better time to drink at home. Because at this time, home is one of the scant locations where you actually can drink. That being the case, there has never been a better time to build a home bar rig for yourself that passes muster.

When you hear the phrase “home bar” you might think of a man cave or a finished basement bar, but a home bar can be just about anywhere. Keeping that space stocked with the right items could make or break any gathering when friends and family come over for drinks. 

Let’s take a look at what home bar essentials should be behind your bar.

High-end Glassware

Most people come into their nice glassware from a wedding registry, an antique store or a relative who passed away. The only problem is that, regardless of how it ended up in their home, they often don’t use it. We get in a routine of relying on the same old glasses while our prettier vessels get left in the back of the cupboard. That is, until you put them in the spotlight on your bar cart.

Make space on your cart for glassware you love and it’s sure to get used. Choose a classic option that will give your cart a distinguished look. If you don’t want to shell out big cash for your glassware, fear not. You can still get a high-end look on a budget.

Old Fashioned Irish Whiskey Glass Set, $38.99

Bar Tools

Adding a bar cart to your home sends the message that you’re a willing host with skills at entertaining. Make sure you’re ready to step up to the plate! Add a set of bar tools to your cart so you’re prepared to make any cocktail your friends request – or at least point them in the direction of the tools they’ll need to make it themselves.

Beyond being useful, bar tools add a notable flash of metal to your array. If you love copper, accent your cart with your favorite metallic hue. Or, if you’re going for a more sleek, masculine look, choose a silver set.

Ice Essentials

For the drinks that are served on the rocks, stocking up ice is in the ice bucket is a wise option. In case you were to serve wine or champagne you could use the ice bucket to store the drinks for up to 6 hours. As an added bonus it saves you the time and energy of running to the kitchen every now and then. To have ample ice for the drinks you could get the silicone ice cube trays that offer well-shaped ice cubes. Also, your guests would appreciate it if you pick the ice using ice tongs and not your hands.


This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but every home bar should have a cocktail shaker. You don’t have to go full Tom Cruise-in-Cocktail, but a thorough shake (for the right drink) ensures you’re turning out a properly frothy and blended beverage (particularly when you’re using egg whites or fruit juice).

12pcs/set Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker for Home Bar, $21.90

Mixing glasses

Shaken or stirred is the age-old question in the cocktail world, but most mixology snobs will tell you that if you’re making a drink that only contains alcohol (martini, Negroni, Manhattan, etc.) you should opt for the stirring method.


The decanter is possibly the most important piece on your bar cart. Nothing takes your cart from looking like kitchen storage overflow to a veritable home bar quite like a glass container filled with liquor.

Glass Diamond Shape Liqueur Decanter, $86.90

A decanter (or collection of them!) is a game-changer. Plus, you can decant your less expensive liquors into these beautiful bottles and none of your friends will know that their cocktail was made with bargain alcohol. Or, if you opt for a wine decanter, you can bring out the flavors of more affordable bottles. In both cases, the decanter is essentially an investment in being a better host without busting your budget.

Hand Blown Glass Stylish Globe Bottle Decanter, $60.90

Bottle Beverage Dispenser

Dispense drinks like a professional bartender! An innovative and efficient design of bottle beverage dispensers makes serving cocktails to your guests fast and easy. Poker night will never be the same! A liquor dispenser is a finishing touch to every man cave or home wet bar area. A dispenser will hold bottles of liquor safely and securely, ready to pour the perfect drink shot every time. Ensure the drinks never stop flowing!

Entertain like a Boss with this Bottle Beverage Dispenser, $38.90

Good Garnishes

Neon-colored “cherries” that taste like Jolly Ranchers can only get you so far. When garnishing a homemade concoction, be sure to use fresh fruit and high-quality cherries and onions (you can even try making your own).

Glass Label Tag

Cup identifier helps you quickly locate your drink at any gathering. These easy-to-pull-together markers are foolproof. It will help you to distinguish your glass. A fun way to enjoy your drink

6pc Silicone Wine/Glass Stem or Handle Party Labels (Cup Identifier), $9.95

Stocking your home bar with these items will give a solid foundation for entertaining or for when you want to enjoy some drinks on your own. After hosting a couple of gatherings you may even want to customize your selection to better meet the tastes of yourself or your guests. Most importantly be sure to take the time to sit back and enjoy the bar you’ve assembled with a glass of what you enjoy the most.

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